Vastrap Boran

Boran Journal 2016_pg1 Boran Journal 20162Vastrap Boran (VST) is a Boran cattle stud owned by Quentin and Marisa de Bruyn based near Ladybrand in the Eastern Free State. We’ve been Boran stud breeders since 2010 and significantly scaled up our operation in 2011 when we purchased the entire Mollshoop Boran (MHB) herd, which was originally established in 1999. Prior to breeding Boran, Quentin farmed cattle commercially for 10 years and this continues to be an important part of our business along with our crop farming (mainly maize, sunflower and wheat).Our hearts lie with the Boran and our stud business takes up most of our time these days. See About Us for more details on how our stud was established and Why the Boran? for more information about Boran cattle.

We are passionate about promoting the Boran breed in South Africa. As an indigenous breed it has many beneficial traits, such as high resistance to ticks, biting insects and disease; the ability to maintain condition during drought; a strong herd instinct which provides protection from predation and theft; good temperament, strong mothering instincts, high fertility and longevity. Its ability to be fattened off the veld is a huge advantage in the production of organic grass-fed beef. Because it’s been a pure breed for 1 300 years (rather than a compound breed), we believe it has huge potential in cross breeding (see the Commercial Future of the Boran: Cross-Breeding). Indeed, we’ve already experienced its strong hybrid vigour first hand in our own commercial herd where we cross Boran bulls with Angus cows. See The Boran: God’s Gift to Cattlemen for more details on the origins and special attributes of Boran cattle.

We think it’s important to build lasting relationships with fellow breeders and our clients. For this reason we welcome farm visits and make an effort to travel around the country to visit other breeders when time allows. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to arrange a visit. We are always happy to share our experience and to learn from others!

The Vastrap Boran auction takes place once a year on our farm in the second week of August (see 2015 Vastrap Boran Auction and 3rd Vastrap Boran Auction done and dusted!). In order to be transparent, we auction all of our pregnant 7-year old cows (no exceptions!) and only 20 of our best performance tested 3-year old bulls. A selection of heifers is also offered. We also sell animals out of hand off the farm throughout the year (see Boran bulls for sale). Details of semen and embryos for sale are also available on the website.


Quentin de Bruyn
Tel: +27 (51) 924-2424
Cell: +27 84 5924 245


Postal address: Vastrap Farm, P.O. Box 63, Ladybrand, 9745

Vastrap Location near Marseilles in the Eastern Free State.

Visit or our Facebook page for more information on current sales and events.

Click here for sales of Boran BullsBoran Semen and Boran Embryos and the 2015 Vastrap Boran Auction.


Mollshoop Boran cows – a picture of serenity.

Quentin with Cindy MHB-04-04.

Jackie MHB-05-08

Jackie Heiffers.

Khan calves.

Ginger, Rose and Jackie with calves.

Hope MHB 04-11.

RUSTIN MHB 06-30 (KPO21 x MARULA25) – currently the top sire at Vastrap Boran.


GOLIAT MHB 06-47 sired by NDA9.

Hope showing great temperament.

Treats after a long, dry winter.

Vastrap visitors interacting with a group of friendly Boran.

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    • Thanks Pieter! We are looking forward to seeing you and we hope you enjoy your experience at Vastrap. Thanks very much for the message. Maris & Quent


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