About Ladybrand

Our farm, Vastrap is situated about 17km west of a small town called Ladybrand in the Eastern Free State of South Africa. It is the closest town in South Africa to Maseru, the capital of Lesotho. We are about 130 kilometres from Bloemfontein, the nearest city and 400 kilometres from Johannesburg. (Goolge Map of Ladybrand)

Ladybrand was established on 12 June 1867 and was named after Lady Catharina Brand, the mother of President Brand.

On our 20 minute drive into town over the mountains we have the most spectacular view of the Maluti mountain range in Lesotho, which is often covered in snow in winter.

View of the Maluti mountains covered in snow on the road from Vastrap to town.

What makes Ladybrand different to many other small rural towns is it’s close proximity to the border with Lesotho and its capital Maseru, a city of 1 million people. This brings an element of diversity and entrepreneurial spirit to the town in addition to its links with the surrounding farms.

One of the most well known family-run businesses in town is Living Life.  The Station Cafe serves the best coffee in town and a yummy home made food for breakfast and lunch. There is also a fantastic outdoor play area for kids, which adds to the relaxed atmosphere. Over the weekends you will find a cosmopolitan crowd of people including many foreigners living and working in Maseru. The shop is stocked with carefully chosen clothing (Living Life Classics), gifts, craft and sandstone objects sourced locally and from around the country.

The charming entrance garden at Living Life

Sign boards show the way to the new shop.

Dramatic black interior of the Living Life shop.

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