R.I.P Poepsie cat


We’ve had a turbulent time with our pets recently. From Tumi our beautiful boerboel passing away in September last year (see Endings and Beginnings) to Paris, the other boerboel being bitten in the face by a puff adder while we were away over Easter. Fortunately our housekeeper Malefah came to the house to feed the dogs and realised what had happened. The snake had been lying right outside our kitchen veranda all night with the dogs going crazy barking. Because Paris is blind, she obviously couldn’t see the snake and got too close sniffing around. Luckily our farm manager Andre was home and rushed her to the vet in time for treatment.

Poepsie cat was not as lucky. When we got home last week she was looking very thin and disheveled. We thought it might be worms but when we tried to give her treatment we realised she couldn’t hold any food down. She was very old and it was clear to us that her time had come. Last night she crept outside and didn’t return. I knew it was the end. She had a good life and could spend hours snoozing in a sunny spot. She very rarely ventured far from the house except for the odd walk around the swimming pool or to accompany me around the garden. She was a real lady. A beautiful gentle soul and creature of habit, not difficult to please as long as she had a warm and cosy spot to lie. She used to keep me company in the kitchen whilst cooking and I can’t count how many times I stood on her tail because she always sat right behind my feet! She also loved to climb on my lap while I was working in the study. If I didn’t want her she would curl up amongst the papers in the wastepaper basket next to me. In winter she would sleep in front of the Aga or underneath the roaring fire in the Morsø stove. Goodbye Poepsie, you will be sorely missed especially by the Beagles who loved to eat your food. I hope it’s very nice and warm in kitty heaven. xx


Autumn is here!


Autumn has definitely arrived in the Free State. The morning air is crisp and cool and the sky is turning winter-blue. The summer crop lands are changing hue as the maize and sunflowers start to dry out. On my drive into town this morning I was once again struck by the beauty all around us. Along the 17km dirt road there are photo opportunities aplenty. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone camera with me, but I think you’ll get the picture. From the cosmos lined road to the gold-tipped poplar trees and the clear vistas over the Maluti mountains into Lesotho. It really was a beautiful sight!