A Few Words on Pet Names


Some of you have enquired about our cat’s curious name. No, I am not responsible for it. All of the pets except Coco were here already when I arrived at Vastrap.

Here are Quentin’s explanations for the names.

Tumi is short for Itumeleng a Sesotho word meaning “To Be Happy”. She is a 60kg Boerboel (a type of Mastiff). She is the oldest of the dogs (about 7 years) and the matriarch. She is very needy so she’s actually only happy when she gets lots of attention, usually with her heavy paw resting on your lap. Visitors to Vastrap are often accosted by “The Paw”. Sadly Tumi passed away from ovarian cancer in September 2013.

Tumi, Patch and Coco.

Tumi, Patch and Coco.

Paris is Tumi’s daughter. She was named after Paris Hilton… before my time so don’t even ask. She went blind about 3 years ago. Quentin is not sure why. It was either a rinkhals (spitting cobra) or a severe case of biliary (tick bite fever) which in very rare cases attacks the retina. The vet says it’s a miracle that she has adapted so well because normally when dogs go blind they are cast out of the pack and lose condition quickly.

A big strong head with lots of scratches.


Patch is a Jack Russell. His name is Patch because he’s an entirely white dog with a brown patch over his right eye. He is the protector of the pack and very caring of his girls. He is Naledi’s dog.

Coco is my Beagle and the youngest of the pack. She is 2.5 years old and had her first litter of puppies in August 2013. We affectionately call her Coco Pops or Skaramanga when she choses not to listen to us with her big ears.


Hope is Coco’s daughter from her first litter. She had 5 babies and we decided to keep one. She is a real character and I can’t wait to see her personality blossom. She is named after one of our most well-known Boran cows, Hope MHB 04-04 who was the poster girl for our first auction on the farm which coincided with the birth of the puppies.

Little Hope.

Little Hope.

Poepsie cat is named so because she was previously owned by a Scotsman living in Maseru. He called her Puss Puss. Quentin didn’t think that name would translate well into Afrikaans (if you have an Afrikaans friend ask them why). He adapted it to Poepoe and then it became Poepsie. She loves her name especially when I call her in a relatively high pitch tone and pronounce it “Poooe-ps!”


So there you have it. Our Vastrap menagerie.