Sunday morning babalas breakfast


What to do when you were up very late on a Saturday night with good friends?

Wake up late. After coffee and rusks in bed, stoke up the AGA and take a walk to the chicken coup. The fresh air will do your groggy head good. If you are lucky there will be some eggs to collect. Now don’t be  greedy. Take as many as you need and leave the rest behind for the hen to incubate. They should look something like this…

Fresh from the coup.

Chop up some baby tomatoes and mushroom. Add fresh thyme, parsley olive oil, salt and pepper. Pop into the top AGA oven for 15 minutes. Lay bacon on a tray and place in the same oven until slightly crisp.

Heat a pan on the AGA simmer plate. Add butter and scramble egg mixture. Be careful not to overcook as the plate can be very hot!

Quick scrambled eggs on the simmer plate. 

Toast some left over ciabatta bread from yesterday’s soup lunch. Spread the toast with butter, put it on the tray with the bacon fat and place in the hot AGA oven for a minute until the butter melts. Serve with tomato chilli jam.

Look at the colour of those eggs!

I’m no food stylist, but I think the colour of those eggs speaks for itself. And they taste as good as they look. Babalas cured!