Best Friends

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We are constantly amused and amazed by Livia’s interaction with our pack of dogs. She just can’t get enough of them. Whether it’s sitting on them, hugging them, kissing them, stealing their food or just chilling in their beds. It really is cute how much she loves them. I don’t blame them for finding all the attention a bit much sometimes, especially when she sits down on them like a WWW wrestler! Our boerboel puppy, Duma is 5 months old now. He is huge already, but such a sweetie and very gentle with Livia when he’s not bounding round the house in an excited state. She loves to visit him while he is relaxed and lying on his bed. I just love these photos of their gentle interaction. There was more than enough love going round for Coco to also get a big hug! 

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How Paris “Sees” the World


Paris is our special dog. She can’t see a thing, but she participates fully in everything we do. She has character and strength and we love her very dearly. We are not sure how she lost her sight, but she is happy and well adjusted and very much part of the pack (see A Few Words on Pet Names).

Paris hears and feels her way through the world. She is happiest sleeping on her chair and listening to the world go by. She loves going farming with Quentin and sits happily on the back of the bakkie with the other dogs. She also loves going for long walks with us, usually glued to our heels. Her head is big and strong and often scratched from bumping into things.

A big strong head with lots of scratches.

She always walks with her head slightly cocked and ears alert so that she can hear where we are. She slobbers on our pants and tramps on our heels, but it is worth it to see how happy she is to be with us. Her bravery has no bounds. She will run full tilt behind the bakkie with the other dogs and trust that we won’t let her run into anything. She stops dead in her tracks when we shout “Careful Paris!” and changes track when she hears she’s going in the wrong direction.

Listening to hear where I am.

Walking with Patch and Tumi.

Paris loves her chair. It is her safe place. She has first choice, but the other dogs sometimes squeeze on with her especially when it’s cold. Two 60kg Boerboel dogs and one 10kg Jack Russell on one chair… no wonder it looks so shabby!

Paris in her chair.

Paris sometimes shares her chair.

Paris is very adaptable. If we rearrange the furniture she usually bumps into things once and then adjusts her path the next time. The only time we really had a problem was when we built our new kitchen extension and dug two trenches across the back veranda. She really freaked out with the change and didn’t come into the house for a few days until we showed her another way in. There was a plank across the trench, but she refused to walk on it. Other than that she’s been absolutely amazing in navigating around all the changes to the house in the past year.

The building works were a challenge for Paris.

She is kind and gentle and loves to have her tummy tickled. She also loves children, but we are a bit cautious with her because children can be a challenge for dogs at the best of times never mind if they can’t see the thing that is irritating them! As a puppy, Coco quickly learned to stay out of Paris’ way (see Coco’s Year in the Wars).

A sucker for a tickle!

Paris with Dylan after a long walk up the mountain.

We drag her up and down mountains through challenging terrain, but she is always there with us. A real trooper. Sometimes it all gets a bit tiring and she just needs some time out. Patch is usually there to make sure she’s okay. Three cheers for our beautiful, brave dog Paris!

Patch always takes care of Paris.

Walking up and down mountains is tiring!