Happy Winter Cattle

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In winter it’s crucial to make sure the cattle are well fed and getting enough nutrients in their diet especially after the dry summer we had. The quality of the grass deteriorates rapidly through the winter months and water becomes more scarce. Most of the cows are pregnant at the moment so the bulls are taking a rest except for one or two that have been left with the herds to make sure the cows are all covered.

Each herd gets visited twice a week to make sure they have enough food and to top up their salt supplement (salt, phosphate, maize meal and minerals).

Filling up the salt for this herd of Angus cows.

They love the salt and usually come running when they hear the car.

We love going out on a Sunday afternoon with the dogs to check on the animals. We’ve been away a lot over the past month so today was actually a real treat. We were very lucky to have a good downpour of rain over the past two days. This will help to tide the dams over for the rest of the winter and give a boost to the new grass shoots in spring.

The cows are also put in camps of green feed (oats) to supplement their diet. I love the contrast of the bright green fields against the dead brown veld in the distance.

Oats planted as green feed for the cattle contrasts with the dead veld in the distance.

For some reason the dogs also love eating the oats.

While we were out Quentin tried to take some photos of Hero, one of his Boran bulls. The sun came out just at the right moment and made the most gorgeous light. It usually requires a lot of time and patience to take a good photo of a cow or bull especially when the dogs are around. Not sure if he succeeded!

Impromptu photo shoot with Hero.

Hero’s not too interested in posing for the camera!