Puppy Love: Week 3


The puppies have gone from strength to strength over the past week and are an absolute joy to have in the house! They weigh 1.5kg and are walking around more confidently, but only for short periods of time before they all collapse in a heap and sleep the sleep of babies. Their teeth are sharp and Coco is becoming more and more uncomfortable feeding them. I’ve started to introduce some solid food into their diet, but it will take a few weeks for them to be totally weaned. Ashley is with us for the holidays and she just loves them even though they are still a little bit small for rough and tumble play. What a joy to see these little beasts grow and thrive, each with their own little personality! Our little Hope is still the smallest of the bunch, but she is very feisty and was the first to figure out how to lap water and food. She has also developed a little growl and something that could pass as a first tentative bark!