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This week has been all about finishing our Mandela Day project to donate toys collected from friends in Johannesburg to the primary school at Assisi Mission station a few kilometres from Vastrap. A lot of our farm kids go to the school and we wanted to do something special for them this year. Once again, we were completely bowled over by the generosity of our friends and their kids. We collected a huge box full of books and lots of puzzles and other educational toys that the school desperately needs for its Grade R classroom. Things that were more suited to toddlers we have kept for the farm playroom, where Livia Lerato loves to play once a week with her friend Matseliso, our gardener’s daughter.

We filled the bakkie with stuff when we were up in Joburg last weekend for the Boran National Auction and added this to things we collected a while ago from friends who visited the farm. Some of the mothers of children at the school helped to sort through everything and joined me this morning at the school with Livia Lerato and Matseliso in tow. The little girls absolutely loved seeing all the kids at “big school” and Lerato was dancing and clapping when the kids burst into song! We gave each of the 127 learners a small bag of treats, which they gratefully received on a cold and wet winter morning. The teachers were absolutely thrilled with the boxes of books, puzzles, toys and blankets. I just love the concept of Madiba Day, which really helps to focus the mind on community engagement. It is so easy to just let things slide in our busy lives where time seems to gallop away from us. Even just once a year, it is good to be reminded that a little bit of effort can make a huge difference in the lives of others.2015-07-24_0009

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