Fossil hunt!

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We had a lovely family day on the farm this weekend searching for fossils. It was the last day of Ashley’s half term so we wanted to do something special. She went back to her mum today so the house seems very quiet again. Livia just loved having her big sister around and they got on so well. It’s another month before we see her again for the holidays.

The fossils are concentrated in an areas on the mountain in the valley opposite our house. Palaeontologists from Wits University used to come here regularly to collect fossils and parts of a large dinosaur skeleton were discovered in the 1980s, later identified as a sauropod. One has to look quite hard to find good fossils these days, but Quentin has a fantastic collection that he has gathered over the years. Ashley was very keen to find some herself to show her friends at school. Fortunately it didn’t take long for us to find a few large ones that are recognisable as bones and she was absolutely delighted with her haul!

The winter days have been so lovely and mild lately. It is rare that one can go out in a t-shirt mid-winter in the Eastern Free State and be comfortable, but we seem to be doing it quite a lot at the moment. We’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts!

2015-07-05_0001 2015-07-05_0002 2015-07-05_0003 2015-07-05_0004 2015-07-05_0005 2015-07-05_0006 2015-07-05_0007

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