Dinner with the Moo’s

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At this time of year when things are looking so beautiful and green on the farm, we try to make an effort to go out for a sundowner picnic as often as possible. The light is so beautiful and soft in the late afternoons, and the veld is looking spectacular after all the rain we’ve had since the start of November. When Quentin arrives home from work, we pack a cooler with some drinks, snacks and Livia’s supper and drive off in the bakkie with the dogs on the back. We have a couple of favourite spots, but on the day it usually depends on whether we have to check on progress with our crops or visit a particular herd of cattle. On Saturday evening when we took these photos, Livia ate her supper in front of an audience of inquisitive Angus cows giving a wonderful display of all different mooing sounds they make. You might be surprised to hear that one “moo” is very different to the next! After such a lively performance, I’ll be very surprised if “moo” is not one of the first animal sounds she learns, along with “woof-woof” “meh” and “baa”, the other sounds she hears often around the farm.

2014-12-09_0001 2014-12-09_0002 2014-12-09_0003 2014-12-09_0004 2014-12-09_0005

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