Autumn is here!


Autumn has definitely arrived in the Free State. The morning air is crisp and cool and the sky is turning winter-blue. The summer crop lands are changing hue as the maize and sunflowers start to dry out. On my drive into town this morning I was once again struck by the beauty all around us. Along the 17km dirt road there are photo opportunities aplenty. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone camera with me, but I think you’ll get the picture. From the cosmos lined road to the gold-tipped poplar trees and the clear vistas over the Maluti mountains into Lesotho. It really was a beautiful sight!


7 thoughts on “Autumn is here!

  1. I love that road. Such memories of the trip to school and back for so many years. I think mum’s hi-ace could probably have driven itself round every bend eventually. Most of all I love the old waterfall stain that looks like a little boy between the hill at Hoogfontein and town. Thanks Maris for the lovely memories x


  2. Hello Marisa – Michelle Patton here (Chris Patton’s wife). I absolutely love your blog! And, can I say that you are the perfect wife for Quent! One of my clients runs an offroad travel company, and also wants to start a blog of her own. I mentioned your blog to her, and told her how beautiful it was. Would you mind if I passed on the information to her so that she can have a look at what a really good blog should look and “feel” like? I’ll wait to hear from you. Thanks so much and take care, Michelle


    • Hi Michelle, thank you so much for the compliments! I’ve had so little time for blogging this year but hopefully I’ll get back into it soon. You are welcome to share my details. I really recommend WordPress as a blogging platform. It’s really easy to use and there are so many other beautiful blogs to draw inspiration from. I would definitely advise her to start there. I’m very happy to answer any questions she might have. Take care! Marisa


      • Fantastic Marisa – thanks. I will pass on your advice to her. Hope all is well – give that beautiful baby girl of yours a big kiss from us!


    • Hi there, thanks for reading! The Aga hob covers are chrome I think. We had the whole stove restored before we installed it. It had been sitting abandoned in a garage for decades and looked really terrible when it arrived here. That was before I started blogging so I didn’t take any photos of what it looked like before it was restored. As far as I know the shiny tops are chrome.


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