Birthday Sunflowers!

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Ashley celebrated her 7th birthday at the farm this past weekend. It’s been three years since she last had a birthday at the farm so it was a special occasion for us. Her best friend Jordan, also visited for the weekend from Joburg with her parents David and Debbie. She was welcomed ‘home’ by fields of sunflowers in full bloom, a truly happy sight! This year, some of the best blooms in our valley are on a piece of land called Warrick owned by my sister-in-law Lesley and her husband Garry. Quentin cultivates the land on their behalf and this year the conditions were just perfect. Sunflowers can be a very tricky crop to get right, but you won’t see much better than this in our district. Tall plants with large heads ready to fill up with seed. It’s impossible not to feel happy in the presence of their yellow majesty! I can’t think of a better way to mark the birthday of a very special little girl.


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