Scratching in the maize


On a lazy Sunday afternoon during crop planting season a farmer’s mind is never quite at rest. Will the rain forecast for the week ahead materialise? Have the seeds planted in the last week germinated properly? Should certain contours be replanted? When the mind is busy there’s no better antidote than to pile pregnant wife and dogs into the bakkie to go and walk the fields and scratch in the soil. Simply looking from afar is not good enough you have to actually dig to find the seeds germinating under the soil. So far, it seems that the stuff planted in the past week will be fine because there’s been some sporadic rain, but the contours that were planted early before we had proper rain are not doing so well and are very patchy – one should see a nice solid line of green when you look down the line of a contour. These will probably need to be replanted to maximise yield, but it’s a tough decision involving extra time and cost. The veld has made a remarkable recovery in the past two weeks which is great for cattle, but the dams are still very low so we’re holding thumbs for some generous showers soon.

As usual, the dogs absolutely love a good run and little Hope is integrating so beautifully in the pack. She’s four months old now and has long lanky legs which help her to keep up the pace with Patch and Coco, but she’s still petrified of cows and other dogs, which sometimes gets her into trouble. There’s always the risk that she’ll run off into the mountains with Coco when they catch a scent, but I’ve taken to carrying treats with me to make it more tempting for her to come when we call rather than follow her mother. Beagles will be Beagles though so it’s not a guaranteed strategy and we’re still keeping a very close eye on her to make sure she’s safe.


3 thoughts on “Scratching in the maize

  1. Dearest Marisa,

    As we anticipate the rains on the farm lands, so do we anticipate the birth of your bundle of joy. I pray that the Lord stretches out His hand in favor of your family. That He may not only bless but exceedingly and abundantly bless the child you shall bring into this world.

    Do rest and prepare for that joyous, life-changing and precious day.

    Much love,



    • Ah Boledi, thank you so much! What a lovely message. I haven’t blogged for a while because I’m spending the last three weeks of my pregnancy in Bloemfontein near the hospital. I’ve had some complications and the doctor doesn’t want me back on the farm as it’s too far away. So, I’m getting lots of rest and counting down the days… Only 13 sleeps to go of all goes as planned! Wishing you and your family a very happy festive season! xx


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