Silver linings


Heat, wind and dust do not make for good walking conditions so I haven’t been getting out on the farm with the dogs that much over the past month. Some days, like today, the sky is thick with dust. This afternoon on my way back from town I had to literally stop the car as a dust storm reduced visibility to zero. When I got home the garden looked like it had been hit by a mini tornado and everything inside the house was covered in a layer of dust. Ugh!!

On a good day, there is a little gap of time just before sunset when everything goes quiet, the temperature drops and the dust settles. While friends were visiting us last week we took a gap and drove up the mountain for sundowners. It was absolutely perfect. There were clear views of the Maluti mountains in the distance and somehow it didn’t feel as dusty as the overgrazed veld below. The puppies, Hope and Poppy, were extremely curious on their first real walk with the big dogs. After our stroll we cracked open some cold beers (non-alcoholic for me!) and watched the sun go down before heading home for a meal of Vastrap lamb chops. It was the perfect distraction for my stressed farmer love and a reminder of how lucky we are to be living here.

Happily, today’s dust storm has brought some clouds to the sky and the forecast promises rain for next week…. please hold thumbs it materialises!


4 thoughts on “Silver linings

  1. As I read this, I remember my last visit to the farm. Can’t believe it has almost been a year! How life has changed! I hope rain comes soon. As beautiful as the landscape is, even in its dryness,I know the farm needs the rain. Hope all is well. X


  2. Oh Marisa, I feel for you. We spent time in Mozambique recently – Tete province, and it was like that there. I can only hope and pray for relief. That poor veld, verskriklik. xxxx


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