Puppy Love: Week 2


We’ve had a hectic time over the past week, but now we can breathe a sigh of relief that our auction is over and that everything went off well. I will do a separate post on the auction, but first an update on the puppies! They have grown in leaps and bounds. Coco was not too well at the start of last week so I bundled them all off to the vet for a night of treatment. Thankfully, she is looking much more perky so hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here. The puppies have thrived throughout and had many admirers during auction week. One little female and one male are still looking for homes, but many people have expressed interest so we’ll just have to wait and see who the lucky families are that get them. We are keeping one little female and she will be called “Hope”, in memory of the beautiful cow that achieved the top price at our auction (see Hanging with Hope). She is the smallest of the litter and has a white spot on her bum, just like her mother. My sister, Beatrice was with us for a few days and she helped with the juggling of cooking and puppy-loving duties. Keeping Coco well fed is quite a business because she’s not at all interested in eating puppy pellets. I have resorted to boiling chickens and blending up a calcium-rich mixture of meat, bones, stock and pellets.

We took these photos on Saturday, but they really do seem to grow and change every day. Back then they weighed about 1kg and couldn’t support their bodies on their little legs, but this morning some of them are quite mobile. They have also outgrown their nursing tub. Coco was getting very uncomfortable squashed in with them so we’ve moved them to a more spacious bed where they can stretch their legs more. I will have to “cage” them in somehow to stop them from wandering about too much though, because they’re not quite clever enough to make it back to the bed when they stray. This morning I was woken by the cries of one of the males who went wandering about and couldn’t get back to his mama!


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