Pottering around


I’ve been offline for the past week having a generally frustrating time setting up new computers for Quentin and myself in line with my new job description. Today I finally unpacked my shiny new toy – a beautiful iMac! Since I’ve been so bad at blogging over the past few weeks I couldn’t resist getting right to it and seeing how the machine performs. So far so good, although I still have a lot to learn. Sitting inside fiddling with computers is hardly conducive to exciting blogging so I decided to spend some time outside with my camera this morning. So far we’ve had an incredibly mild July especially compared to this time last year when it had already snowed twice. The heat has dried everything up even more than usual and Quentin is worried that he won’t be able to get his wheat crop planted. A little bit of rain would go a very long way right now.

There was not much to photograph in the garden as everything is looking pretty dead, except the odd spring bulb that is starting to sprout. Instead of gardening I’ve been shopping for some new garden furniture. I found some charming benches at the “antique” shop in Ladybrand, which are made out of old cast iron beds. I think they have lots of character and should find a happy resting place in the Vastrap garden.


After taking photos of the benches I started spying on Poepsie cat who was sunning herself in her usual spot on the windowsill outside the front veranda. She looked like she didn’t have a care in the world and I was thrilled to see her munching on some catmint that I planted for her last week. Her peace was interrupted by her nemesis, curious Coco who also wanted to inspect the catmint. I’m happy to report that Coco seems to be heavily pregnant. Her waistline has completely disappeared and she is moaning and groaning more than ever while she sleeps. And hungry – I can’t keep up with her demands for treats! Hopefully this is not all fake and we will be delivering some puppies in early August. A very exciting prospect, although I’m sure one that Poepsie cat can do without!



3 thoughts on “Pottering around

  1. Would you look at Coco, yay, can’t wait to see the pups.
    Our 3 cats go crazy for their catnip toys. I haven’t been all that successful with it in the garden as they all roll over and lay on top of the plant and all too soon it dies. Oh well.
    Have a beautiful week ahead and enjoy the mild weather and hope you get some needed rain.
    🙂 Mandy xo


    • Thanks Mandy! It is much colder today after a near-spring day yesterday. I also haven’t had success with catnip in the past but I hope this one lasts. Poepsie doesn’t like dried catnip at all, but she seems to enjoy nibbling on this one. Have a great week!


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