Happy Visitors


We’ve been so busy entertaining visitors over the past week that there’s been little time for blogging. These were no ordinary visitors. No, they came from very far away in the Cape which is about 11 hours’ drive away so we had to pull out all the stops to show them the best that Vastrap has to offer! I can’t write about everything at the same time so I’ll start with Quentin’s cousin Pierre and his girlfriend Anneke who were with us for a night last week. Pierre often visited the farm as a child with his three brothers, but has not been here for over two decades. It was great to welcome them into our home and show off all the changes we’ve made. We love having visitors because it forces us to leave our usual routine and get out and enjoy the farm whilst spending quality time with friends.

The weather was unseasonably hot for most of May and Pierre and Anneke struck it lucky with the most perfect windless and clear day. In the late afternoon we took them to meet our herd of Boran cows before heading off for a short walk up the koppie for sundowners. Our Boran are a hit with everyone who meets them. It really is a special experience interacting with these beautiful beasts and they seem to only get friendlier! The sundowner spot was awesome too requiring a bit of scrambling up the rocks to get the best view. As usual the dogs were in their element exploring in the veld. Coco is under close watch at the moment because she has come on heat and is ready to have puppies. She is hating being under lock and key, but this week we’ll take her to visit her friend Roger, the handsome Beagle in town for a bit of fun!


DSC_3505 DSC_3515 DSC_3506 DSC_3516 DSC_3522 DSC_3528 DSC_3529

14 thoughts on “Happy Visitors

    • I know! It’s very exciting. All our females are on heat at the moment so we’ve had dogs from all over the district here this weekend – some from 3km away! It’s been a nightmare so I’m just praying that they haven’t got hold of Coco by mistake. Roger is the most beautiful dogs so their puppies will be irresistible!


      • Oh what a nightmare that must have been keeping all the suitors away! 3km is a loooong way and says a lot about your clean country air!! I remember my late Dad (who grew up on a farm in Yorkshire) telling me about male dogs walking so far for a bitch on heat that their paws were in tatters. I’m so envious – you are going going to have bundles of cute to photograph!!


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