Keep Calm and be Patient


I’ve been everywhere but the farm over the past few weeks, hence my blogging silence. I have no idea what’s happening in the veggie garden, my roses and dahlias are probably in dire need of dead-heading and the dogs and Poepsie cat are feeling sorely neglected. Not to mention my poor husband who is alone at home. After last writing about the beautiful sunflowers (see Mellow Yellow), I spent a week in Joburg for work and then we spent a lovely weekend in the Drakensberg for Ashley’s half-term, which coincided with her birthday. Having taken hundreds of photos of the beautiful mountains there was no time to blog about it, because I dashed back to the farm for a day before flying to Cape Town. A day at home was all I needed to see my garden wilting in the hot and dry weather and my slightly worse-for-wear veggie garden invaded by crawling insects! I tasted a handful of ripe gooseberries and raspberries and packed some green mealies to take to Stellenbosch so that all the effort of planting them would not go to waste. The mealies were gratefully received by my father whose nostalgia for green mealies dates back to when he still lived up north in Gauteng where they are found in abundance, but strangely not in the Cape!

The majestic Simonsberg mountain in Stellenbosch.

The majestic Simonsberg mountain in Stellenbosch.

By now I can hear you thinking, “This girl is permanently on holiday!” And you would be partially right, but there is more to the story than meets the eye. I am sitting here far from home with a purpose. Patiently waiting and trying to keep calm. Waiting to see if our long journey with fertility treatment is going anywhere. I have spent many hours wondering if I should share such a personal matter on my blog, but I decided it would be untruthful not to. It is such a defining feature of my life at the moment and many people already know what we are going through. After unsuccessful treatment in Johannesburg last year the doctor sent us home with no hope. It was a huge shock to discover that age had caught up with me prematurely. It has been an emotional rollercoaster of note, but Quentin has been my pillar of strength and family and friends have supported us every step of the way. I now find myself in Cape Town with a new doctor who has taken a refreshing problem-solving approach to my issues. We are in good hands and for the first time in a long while there is a small glimmer of hope. The journey is still far from over, but I am at peace. By hook or by crook the pitter-patter of little feet will be heard at Vastrap one day! I just need to take a big breath, keep calm and be patient. Miracles do happen.

Mountain walk with Beatrice and the dogs.

In the meantime, I am enjoying spending unexpected time with my dad and his family – Barbara, Beatrice and Johnny. I can totally understand why people would want to come to the Cape for medical treatment. Except for the terrible early morning traffic on the way to my scans, there are few things more soothing than a late-afternoon walk in the beautiful mountains above Stellenbosch with my sister and their team of dogs. I just feel bad cheating on Tumi, Paris, Patch and Coco with Chloe, Nina, Teeger and Impie. Poepsie cat also wouldn’t approve of my affection towards Sophie cat and Katty. Shhh, please don’t tell!!

Walking with Nina, Tiger and Chloe.

Walking with Nina, Teeger and Chloe.

15 thoughts on “Keep Calm and be Patient

  1. Maris, nothing would make us happier than a little baby for you and Quent. It is a challenge not to have any control. Have been thinking about you two a lot and send you much love and all our good wishes. Dee xx


  2. Yay for the glimmer of hope, that is all that one needs to keep going! Thinking of you my dear friend and hoping that all goes well. Lots of love xxx


  3. This is so special…send my love to your dad, our resident wedding photographer for all three daughters…xx Good luck with it all, thinking of you. Live life as if your prayers have been new motto.


  4. Whatever the outcome Ris, you are such a wonderful gift to your family and friends (blood relation and love relations)! I miss you.


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