An explosion of colour!


As most people start returning home from their holidays, we are setting off for a short seaside break tomorrow. I absolutely cannot wait! This will mean a total break from technology and blogging for a while.

For anyone interested in cattle, I’ve been working on a website/blog for Vastrap Boran ( to showcase our herd and keep people informed of latest developments. It’s very much a work in progress and not particularly sophisticated given my minimal IT knowledge, but it’s a start. The blog posts will focus on Boran-specific topics that I would not necessary include in my own blog. Many people come to my blog via searches for Boran-related information and I’m sure they don’t want to have to wade through photos of my garden and kitchen before finding what they are looking for! Please have a look and let me know what you think.

In the meantime I leave you with some photos of the garden taken in the beautiful afternoon light on 2 January. I am just loving all the bright colours of the roses, dahlias, hollyhocks, hydrangeas, agapanthus, salvia, cannas and geranium. I even still have a few sweet peas! My garden is a totally uncoordinated mish-mash of colour, but I love how it is developing, especially all the old-style flowers that don’t always find a place in modern gardens.

Salvia, agapanthus and violas.

Salvia, agapanthus and violas.

Mixed bag.

A mixed bag.

My favourite towering hollyhocks.

My favourite towering hollyhocks.

Rose garden ready for its second flush, but the bright pink Rina Hugo never seems to tire.

Rose garden just starting its second flush, but the bright pink Rina Hugo never seems to tire.

Mixed dahlias.

Colourful dahlias.

The dahlias in these photos were planted last year and came up on their own quite early in summer, but I have planted a whole new patch in oranges, yellows and reds that is now on the brink of flowering. The last photo shows the first tiny pom-pom dahlia from the new bed. I had no idea it would be so small, but it’s just too gorgeous and delicate. I can’t wait to see what they all look like in 10 days’ time when we get home. By that time the rose garden should also be well into its second flush, which is just starting now. So much to look forward to. Au revoir!




9 thoughts on “An explosion of colour!

    • Thank you so much PJ! I just had a look at your garden and it is beautiful too. I have so much to learn so will be following our progress, especially in the kitchen garden.


  1. Maris your garden is amazing… You’ve achieved so much and I’m so impressed at how you’ve just got stuck in and made it all work. Well done you! Have a wonderful holiday and all the very very best to you, Quentin and all the family for 2013 xx


  2. Your garden is breathe taking, my boyfriend can’t get over it. To me it symbolizes LIFE, you arrived on the farm and breathed your life into it. It makes me wonder what my journey will be like, what kind of life will I breath into the Pig Farm? Mind you I do not have green fingers like you.

    Enjoy your holiday.


    • Thank you Boledi! I certainly did not have green fingers when I moved to the farm, and still have so much to learn about gardening, but I love having colourful flowers in my house so I had to learn quickly! It is a total joy, but also takes quite a bit of time and effort. Start reading some gardening magazines and you will be inspired to learn.


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