My Regal Beagle


I have written about my Coco baby before, but I can’t resist sharing these photos (see Coco’s Year in the Wars and Sibella and Coco: A love Story). She is a fiercely independent mischief-maker, but eternally lovable to adults and children alike. At once cutie pie and skaramanga. Irresistible, don’t you think?

My regal Beagle.

Flapping in the wind.

Hanging out with Dylan. 

How about a kiss?

On top of the world!

A rare moment of quiet in her mother’s arms.

4 thoughts on “My Regal Beagle

    • Thanks Julie! I also love her ears flapping in the wind and you should hear how she howls at the cows!

      Haven’t redesigned just played around with the menus and updated the background photo. Glad you like it!


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