Boys and their Toys

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There is something about a farm that completely captures the imagination of little boys. The open space, the animals, and especially the equipment. Tractors, trucks, front-end loaders, combine harvesters and excavators! Their little eyes light up and they cannot help but get completely over-excited at the prospect of leaving their plastic toys at home and getting a ride on the real thing with their hero, farmer Quentin. Three-year old Dylan, one of Quentin’s little worshipper’s came to visit us this weekend. Apart from following Coco around the whole time, his one mission was to ride on the digger. And ride he did.

Happy as can be – Dylan on the excavator with Quentin.

Fixing the dam wall.

This is fun!

The digger has a mesmerising, therapeutic quality. Quentin says an hour in the cockpit moving soil is like three hours in therapy, only better. In stressful times on the farm he will sometimes disappear for an hour to go and dig. I think he loves it just as much as the little boys!

Quentin in therapy.

Big boys can hitch a ride too – James learning the ropes.

Another little admirer is our nephew Alexander (4.5). He visited the farm in August and only had eyes for his hero, Quentin. Much to his glee he got to ride in the combine harvester while the maize was being harvested. One has to visit Vastrap during harvest season to have this special privilege.

Alexander climbing up the combine harvester.

The face says it all.

Striking a pose on the tractor.

Little girls also like hitching a ride, but their excitement is not nearly as complete as the boys. They don’t eat, sleep and dream about big machines. If pressed, I’m sure they would rather be home playing make-believe games about princesses and faeries. At least that’s what the little girls we know like to do!

Ashley and Emma on the tractor with Alexander.

Sophia looking cool on the excavator.

Farming is a muddy business!

One thought on “Boys and their Toys

  1. Boys and their toys indeed. We now have 4 surfboards, 5 bikes, pingpong table, table soccer, air-hockey table, 5 sets of golfclubs, **** squash and tennis racquets, spin bike all stored in our garage and a boat down at Rose Bay(co-owned with Marc Coughlan) I am awaiting the next addition- what will it be?! Dee xx


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