Sibella and Coco: A Love Story

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We had a very busy long weekend with a full house of visitors and kids. It was the perfect antidote to the sadness we felt on Thursday after the death of the little calf (see R.I.P. Little Calf). The weather was all over the place though. After sunny skies on Friday, there was a howling gale and horrible dust storm on Saturday. We woke on Sunday to more snow and no electricity. It was a day-long planned outage, but we never received the notification so it was totally unplanned for us! The Aga was put to full use for our brunch and after some of our guests left to return to the city, there was nothing to do but enjoy a quiet technology-less day in front of the fire on the sunny enclosed stoep. Utter bliss!

My sister and my nieces, Sophia and Sibella were with us until today. Sibella (11) had not been to the farm for a year so there was a lot for her to catch up on. She experienced the snow, helped us take care of the little calves and somewhere in between she fell in love… with Coco of course (see Coco’s Year in the Wars). How can one not? She is irresistibly soft and cuddly and Sibella is a sucker for animals in general and especially the moanie, groanie, snuggly variety. A match made in heaven!

How can one not love this?

They were inseparable. Snuggling on the couch…

In the bed…

Morning, noon, and night.

Occasionally Patch, Tumi and Poepsie cat got a look in, but mostly it was just the two of them.

Playing, wrestling and nibbling until they both squealed with delight!

Inseparable until the end. A very sad farewell for both. Bye bye Coco Bean, until next time my love. XOXO

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